Are video games taking over your relationship? Well fight back with these seven steps.

Can computer video games be the cause of a relationships going sour? Jocelyn, a Californian whose six-year marriage was destroyed because of her husband’s sever addiction to the massively-multiplayer PC game of World of Warcraft, this was not the only story of woe and heartbreak studies say.

It was too late for Jocelyn, who divorced her husband in 2005 and has sworn to stay away from video gamers altogether, however it is not too late for you. If your spouse’s gaming habits have gotten so out of control that it is harming your relationship, here are seven tips to beat the games and win back your love life.

1. Learn from the game

Such Computer Video Games like World of Warcraft use classic behavioral control techniques: What they do is they tie rewards very closely to repetitive tasks. So if you significant other is failing to do he or her household chores (a common problem seen among suffers) then implement some positive reinforcement. For example the next time he or she empty the trash or does the dishes, play a loud ‘Ding!’ sound and let him or her know their Refuse-Disposal skill just increased.

2. Suggest a date at a video game movie

The rule here is to make sure it is a good video game turned movie, because in most cases the movies suck. A good choice would be the Tomb Raider series, assuming the spouse is male, the idea of staring at Angelia Jolie for an hour and a half should certainly strike his interest. The next step is to not allow him to sneak off to play the computer video game when the movie is done, what needs to be done is to capture him in a more intimate scenario before it ends, or you’ll lose his attention.

3. Fake a power outage; cuddle up with candles and a board game

No matter how bad the addiction is, you can’t play any computer video games if there is no electricity. Go to out the breaker box and flip the switch (make sure of course that any sensitive equipment is powered down). Your spouse will be perplexed, and looking for something to keep their mind off of the computer video game. What better chance to propose lighting a few candles and playing a round of Scrabble or Monopoly?

4. Put some game into your night time activities

If your spouse’s gaming addiction is so bad that it keeps you up at night how about switching your usual bedtime routine. If they’re into military games like Battlefield 2 or Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, uniforms aren’t hard to find (nor are night-vision cameras, if you’re game).

5. Try a different kind of role-playing game

If you’re husband is completely glued to the game, surprise him with something he will not expect. A lot video games are packed with sexy female characters, so with a little effort and fabric, you will be able to capture his attention by dressing up as one of the sexy characters from the game. Suggestions have been to dress up as the Night Elf fro Warcraft 3 as a good first outfit. Also for bonus point learn the character’s dance moves.

6. Get away from it all

An easy one is to get him or her away and go for a weekend getaway. The key here is to do something that incorporates outdoor activities, why? because he or she won’t have the time or energy to miss their game. Good suggestions are: mountain biking, skiing, fishing or water sports. Another option would be to go to action packed hot spot like Las Vegas or New Orleans. You want to stay away from relaxing beach vacations and by all mean make sure they leave the laptop at home.

7. If you can’t beat them join them

If everything else you have tried doesn’t work you might want to consider playing the game yourself. A lot of couples play games together like Warcraft, I know of a co-worker that he and his wife play World of Warcraft all the time, they enjoy it a lot actually, it works for them to spend time together and it is something they both enjoy doing. The only caution here would be to make sure you don’t become the video game addict.