Month: April 2016

Incorporate Purposeful Practice To Improve Your Game

What is purposeful practice? It’s practice in a way where every moment counts. Where every rep, shot, stroke, or whatever the action may be is accomplished with complete focus and accurate feedback. There is a purpose going into a practice session and a determination to better the results afterwards. It’s not just going through the motions but constantly pushing the boundaries to see what is really possible. Only then can a player, person, and/or athlete truly grow.

That’s great, but how does this relate to competitive gaming and Halo 5? I didn’t completely grasp it until I sat down and talked with one of the best Halo 5 pros out there. “We practice more than anyone else, honestly. We know our weaknesses and work tirelessly at them.” This Halo professional went on to discuss how he incorporated purposeful practice through creating his own practice map.

By going into the Halo 5 game mode called Forge, he created a map with explosive targets that were evenly spread throughout. He then gave himself practice drills, such as how many of the explosive targets he could hit with each weapon in 90 seconds. This tested both accuracy and speed of shots. This would be done for all of the weapons in Halo 5, from the Sniper Rifle down to the Needler. He would then expand these drills to incorporate strafing, which is a motion from side to side to avoid being hit by incoming shots. After the 90 seconds was up, he would again note how many targets he hit with each weapon. His goal for next time would be to increase the number of targets he could hit in that same time frame. He would test not only his weapon skills, but also his grenade skills. By placing targets in hard to reach locations, he would need to execute precise grenade tosses to take them out.

So how does this help you? You can take the same measures a Halo 5 pro takes and incorporate them into your own game. By going into Forge mode, placing several explosive targets throughout the map, and then incorporating drills with a timer, you can work on your skills and have accurate feedback. You can note whether you are progressing or not and set accurate goals based on your skills. Whether your goal is to be a Halo 5 pro or just have more fun, purposeful practice will help you.

How To Choose The Right Video Game Type For Yourself

How To Choose The Right Video Game Type For YourselfWhat are video game tips and how can they help you with the selection of your individual game? First of all, you have to know about the different kinds of video and console games that are currently on the market. There are PlayStation, Xbox 360, Nintendo, Arcade and PC games. Believe it or not, those 4 providers will almost guarantee that you will find the action that you are looking for. Even though every game provider has a different perspective and offer in games, they are very close related to another.

Nowadays, console games are more popular than they used to be for around 10 years ago. Technology has advanced and developed almost faster than our human ability to manage it. There have been amazing improvements in features of PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo in the last couple of years. If you just think back when the PS 1 hit the market people were crazy and simply had to buy this console because there was no other console available. What about today? Today the PS 1 is old and there have been produced countless better consoles since then. If you want to spend more time with console games and want to have quality at the same time the new PlayStation 3 for sale slim is the best console that you can choose. It has similar features to the Xbox 360 slim, but is technically better.

Video game tips also recommend to having a look into PC games. If you are familiar with playing games on PC, you will know that the huge variety of games is simply amazing. Today, you can play against people from other continents in literally a fraction of seconds and can enjoy the unbelievable online feature which will allow you to be competitive while playing against real human beings. It has been said that the improvement of the online feature brought many successful and professional gamers in both the console and PC industry. If you are familiar and used to playing both against the computer and real specialists you probably notice that playing against skilled human beings is a challenge itself.

What about arcade games? They are probably the last popular and played form of console games today. The only places where you can find arcade machines are game halls and shopping malls. There are very few people that actually have the honor and privilege to have their own arcade machine. This video game tips review was dedicated to reviewing 3 different playing possibilities.

Should My Child Be Allowed to Play Video Games

There is nothing in life that doesn’t come with a downside, as well as its good side. New technologies are particularly prone to being alternately lauded for their potential benefits and deplored for their faults. Video games are no exception, and since their introduction, there has been a great deal of debate and controversy over their use; especially the effects they may have on children.

There are many benefits to allowing children to experience all that video games have to offer. They are a great introduction to computers, entertaining and simple to begin using. Having some early encounters with technology will make a child more confident and capable when they come to use computers for schoolwork. They will become familiar with using technology, without having to be forced into it by teachers, or even feeling like they are learning at all.

However, an adverse effect on academic work had also been noted. Often a child will spend much longer playing a game than they should. This can result in neglected schoolwork and poor work results.

Many video games provide opportunities to develop logic and lateral thinking. The child is required to solve puzzles and cope with a changing, surprising story. They must work out how to get through each task; there is no way of skipping past the problem and going onto the next stage. There are plenty of games that are fast-paced and visually oriented as well. They require quick reactions and close attention to detail. As the child plays, they are developing their motor skills and spatial awareness.

On the flip side, there are many violent video games on the market, and these are often highly attractive to young gamers. There have been a number of claims that playing violent games can nurture aggression in a child, and similarly, that gamers who spend long periods of time immersed in their virtual world, can lose sight of where fantasy and reality are divided.

Gamers spending long periods of time alone absorbed in their play, is what many people cite as a major hazard of video games. This is a real concern if the child is spending many hours alone, and avoiding spending time with other people — particularly with friends of their own age. Childhood is an important time for the development of social skills. Many games available today allow for a more social aspect to the experience however, encouraging families and friends to play together. Parents may find that they spend more time with their children if they have a favorite video game on which to focus, rather than trying to induce them to play an old-fashioned board game. Often it is an attraction to the screen to see what has captured their child’s imagination that brings a parent into the world of video gaming and the opportunities for spending quality time together that they present.

There are clearly two sides to this argument, with perhaps as many people claiming remarkable benefits for the use of video games as there are raising an outcry against the damage being done to young children. There is even some scientific evidence for the therapeutic power of video games- although, of course, this depends on the game and how addictive the patient finds it.

The most sensible route for parents to take is to set certain rules for their children when it comes to video game use, rather than opting for an outright ban or allowing children to play whatever games they like, whenever they like. It is important to set a limit on how long the child is allowed to play each day. An hour is a fair time, providing an opportunity for the game to be enjoyed and progress made through the levels, without preventing the child from having time for other activities or missing out on important hours of sleep.

Many parents feel it is important to ensure all homework and chores are done before the game can be switched on. This acts as an incentive to finish the work and means that the child isn’t trying to solve math problems or write an essay when they’re already tired out by gaming.

If there are any concerns about the types of games that a child might be playing, they can be solved by accompanying them when they go to buy or rent a game, and by having a discussion about the suitability of what the child wants. The parent can help make an age appropriate choice. Should a child begin to be spending too much time alone, parents can help by joining in with the game, so that there is at least some social activity involved with playing. It is the way in which video games are used that proves either good or bad for a child, and not in the fact of their existence alone.

Getting Hired to Test Video Games

Are you a die hard gamer? Do you spend hours a day building your guild in World of Warcraft? Maybe your more comfortable obliterating your hapless opponents in the latest version of Half-Life. Whatever your gaming passion, I’m sure at some point in the mind numbing process you have pondered the following thought. “Is their anyway that I could get paid to test unreleased games?” The answer to that question is yes you can! The next question is; are you prepared to chase down your dream or are you going to give up at the first rejection? You are the only person on earth that can answer this question.

As video games become more and more complex larger teams are required to put them together. Gaming companies are hiring more and more testers while  joystick jockeys are lining up just to get their foot in the door. You will need to get your resume in order if you want to land an interview. The first thing you need to remember is that this is considered a professional job. Stay away from words and phrases that include ” man,dude, awesome and kick ass”.

Many companies will process resumes through a scanning system in order to log  your personal data into their system. A basic resume built from a simple template will do just fine. You will just be wasting your time if you are considering doing a loud resume with cut outs and multicolored paper in order to get spotted. Items such as these will not get scanned and will end up on the scrap heap.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t let your heart and soul speak for you in your writing. Make sure that you do more than just talk about your love for video games. Be specific and tell them about your high level character in your favorite RPG or how you dominate your favorite FPS online. Describing in detail your obsession with a particular title certainly won’t hurt on your resume.

Here are a few more pointers to remember.

  • Be sure to include the actual job title that is being offered by the gaming company. This goes back to what I mentioned about  the scanning system the companies use. If your resume doesn’t include your keywords it may never see human eyes.
  • Always try to fit your resume onto one page.
  • Double and triple check your grammar and spelling. Have someone that is a grammar whiz look it over for you.