Month: January 2016

Battlefield Hardline Multiplayer Revisited

I have played Battlefield Hardline for an unbelievable 44 hours. I was truly having fun with the game at first. But once I played more and more, the less I was into it. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing technically wrong with the game and it plays perfectly fine. It’s just not Battlefield. Which became a huge turnoff. So I simply stopped playing. I went onto greater things like Bloodborne and The Witcher 3. Now I do stand by my original opinion on the game, it still is fun to hop in and play a match or two and the cops and robbers theme is nice. But the core experience wasn’t fun anymore. It felt like mindless shooting and felt like the other big shooter in gaming. So now that we are caught up, let’s talk about the current state of Battlefield Hardline.

JUNE 16th – Battlefield Hardline has been patched several times and has had one major patch since it’s launch. It’s first DLC entitle ‘Criminal Activity’ has also released, including four new maps, five new guns, and other goodies.

So the major patch that released a few weeks ago balanced a bunch of things and fixed noticeable bugs in the game. You could definitely tell what guns were nerfed and which ones kind of stayed the same. There aren’t really any bull crap kills with SMG’s from across the map with the one shot headshot glitch. Conquest got it’s ticket count raised, which was one of my biggest complaints with the game’s release. Matches now take a decent amount of time like Battlefield matches should, at least in conquest anyways.

Criminal Activity thankfully admits to what Hardline is and it features all close quarter fast paced action. The new four maps are actually pretty good and I would say are better than a lot of the vanilla maps. There is also a new mode called Bounty Hunter, which is Kill Confirmed from Call of Duty. And it freaking works, especially with the new maps. I finally feel like this is what Hardline is and should have been from the start. Stop trying to please everybody and just be a close quarter Battlefield experience. I can’t wait to start leveling up and sinking hours of playtime into the new maps and mode. The new guns are also fun to use. The SG 510 being the best in my opinion and the KSG-12 being a huge surprise. Overall Criminal Activity is a stellar map pack that has definitely got me interested in playing more Battlefield Hardline.


Mad Games Tycoon Review

After spending my whole Sunday on this game, I want to share my Mad Games Tycoon experience with you. Here, you can find both gameplay information and tips of Mad Games Tycoon.

In a few short sentences, you start your game producer career in an old garage. You hire people to help you on your adventure. On my first try I went bankrupt and on my second try I became a millionaire so the game is easy to learn. You just need to check and use every feature you see.

The core gameplay is fun and satisfying, but in my opinion, some changes and additions should be applied to make the game more realistic and even more fun. I don’t want to be misunderstood, I don’t think a game should be %100 realistic. But as this game is about running a company, I look for a bit more reality. I really want to feel that ambiance! “Graphics” is not really important for me in such a game, “gameplay” is the most important. I would play even text-based if I liked “game depth” and “functions”. A game like this should target “core-gamers”, not “casual-gamers”. You will soon understand why I put these words in quotes.

Well, let’s take a quick look at Mad Games Tycoon’s features.

I skip character and company creation part. As soon as you start the game you need to create your development room and start the action. I am not going to talk about decoration of your office because, unfortunately, this feature is just basic, you just put what your employees need and that is all. You can’t decorate how you like, there are not so many choices, you can’t even turn the objects.

Don’t miss contract businesses. At my first steps I tried to get every contract business I found, these contract businesses help a lot when you have just begun.

Hiring employees is a must. You need employees to complete tasks faster, you need employees to be able to do more tasks, you need employees for different departments but be careful about their salaries and balancing your income and expenses. If you are in debt at the end of the year, you go bankrupt. Game over!

Can you tell what is the most fun thing to do in a game producer tycoon game? Producing games! Naturally the most potential and usual thing to do in a game focused on producing games! But what are the details? What makes Mad Games Tycoon special?

Well, you choose a name, genre (you unlock sub-genre feature when you progress a bit or you need to start with a specific country to be able to use this feature from the beginning), topic, and engine for your game. At first you can produce just retail games, but after you make some progress you are able to produce MMO games as well. You can also buy a movie license for your game to make it more appealing. After you are finished making your game you pick a publisher company. These are all known companies whose names are different with a letter or so! You can publish your own game, but not in the early stage of your career.

While picking features of your game there is something you need to be careful about. You need to focus on trend genre & topic combination. This is shown at the right upper corner of the screen. The game provides you with different combinations of genres and topics with different periods of time. Some combinations last longer than the others; as far as I have seen this is completely random. If you produce a trendy game combination at the right time, you are awarded nicely by your fans.

Focusing on trend genre & topic combination is important, of course, but this is not the only important feature in Mad Games Tycoon. You also need to buy movie licenses to sell more! A “Jack Bond 007: A Bad View” license for your espionage game, for instance. Or you can buy “Majority Report” for your sci-fi game! Maybe you should try the movie “Warluck” for your “Orcs” or “Dungeons” themed game?

Training your employees is vital, they gain experience points completing tasks, but training is the real deal if you really want your employees to be more effective at given tasks. Do I need to tell they demand more salary when they are trained? Of course, they do just like in the real world so be careful about your investment in your employees. For example, don’t give them graphics or sound effects course, if you plan to keep them in customer service department that you need to keep your fans happy.

In fact, this is something critical developers should really take a look at, people can’t be perfectly effective at all skill branches given in this game. Certain skill trains should be blocked for certain employees, this way players will find a way to learn how to choose and organize their staff, give them more proper tasks instead of blindly training them until %100 at all skills and giving them a job in the customer service department for 7000 USD / month! I had enough money to do this, but this is very boring and not very realistic.

Crafting Minecraft Not Only a Game But an Art

The gameplay of Minecraft

The player is placed in a virtual world and can explore the terrain and everything underneath such as caves and water sources, and it hosts various biomes including jungles and deserts. Mobs are encountered throughout the game, which can be anything from hostile spiders and zombies to non-hostile animals such as chickens and cows.

In its current form, crafting Minecraft offers four standard modes:

1. Survival mode, where a player is required to accumulate resources to sustain hunger and health;

2. Creative mode, where no health or hunger is relevant, and players have access to an unrestricted amount of experience and resources as well as the capacity to fly;

3. Hardcore mode, which is an alternative to the general survival mode. Its level of difficulty is higher than that of survival mode, and it is not possible to re-spawn when the player’s character died, forcing you to delete the world you have already created; and

4. Spectator mode, where players are in a position to view the virtual world, but cannot interact with everything. This particular mode is only available in snapshots and not in released versions.

The art of crafting in Minecraft

Actual Minecraft is the manner whereby tools, blocks and materials have to be utilized to craft additional tools for survival or gameplay purposes throughout the game. To craft an item, a player has to transfer certain items from their available inventory onto a crafting grid.

Game objects that are more useful should have its ingredients arranged in the correct order.

Having said this, the gamer may still decide to make another item in accordance to the arrangement of the relevant ingredients in the grid, e.g. bread crafting Minecraft requires a 3xl recipe; therefore, it can be made using either one of the three rows on a 3×3 grid. It cannot be crafted using a 2×2 grid.

The 2×2 crafting-grid is always available to players within the inventory screen, and most Minecraft requiring a 2×2 recipe can be completed there. Such items include the crafting of crafting tables, sticks and wooden planks. In order to craft items on the 3×3 grid, a crafting table should be created on which the player has to “right-click”. A popĀ­ up screen displaying the 3×3 grid will appear which can then be used to assemble a crafting recipe.

Mastering the Game Clash of Clans

For those who are fond of interesting games, Clash of Clans is the latest sensation. From combat to defence, this game is designed to test your thinking abilities, planning skills and desire to win. Unlike others, we don’t believe in sharing tricks that will scam the game and make it an easy win for you. Instead, our focus is on sharing tips and techniques that help you to master the game gradually without any foul play. These tricks are extremely easy and can comfortably be included in your daily gaming routine.

First things first, let’s talk about the defence strategies:

-When you create something new in the game, it will be highlighted. All you need to do is remember to join all the highlights together leaving no holes. This will strengthen your defence making it difficult for the enemy to break through.

-Do a little bit of urban planning. Yes! When you are building villages in the Clash of Clans, we would strongly recommend you to use the basics of urban planning in order to build a tightly spaced property. After all, such tightly spaced villages are easier to protect than those spread over a large area, aren’t they?

-Add more weapons to your defence. As you progress in the game, make sure that you add more variety to your collection of weapons. Apart from strengthening your defence, the unique abilities of these weapons can come in very handy when trying to withhold an enemy attack.

Moving on, let’s talk about the attacking part.

Ideally, the attacking strategy depends on your ultimate goal in the game. Ask yourself whether you plan to accumulate gold or elixir. Basis the answer to this question, your attacking strategy will also change at every stage in the game. However, the important thing to remember is to keep upgrading your gold or elixir collection to the maximum. This will surely improve your chances of winning the game. One simple trick that we would suggest is to keep attacking villages that are piling gold or elixir. Each time you secure a victory in such battles, your resourced will also increase along with the collection of gold or elixir.